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Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted body hair can be an embarrassing, annoying plague for both women and men. And trying to get rid of it with temporary measures can be both painful and expensive. If you’re sick of plucking, threading, waxing, applying irritating creams, shaving, and who knows what else, an FDA-approved laser hair removal treatment may be the permanent solution you’re looking for.

In just three to eight visits, you can totally eliminate unwanted body hair forever. How does it work? We use FDA-approved lasers to prevent hair growth literally at the root, by preventing the follicle from producing new hair. And we understand that every body is different, so each laser hair removal treatment is custom designed with you in mind.

At Premier Laser Spa of Cincinnati, we take into account skin sensitivity, hair type, and of course, your ideal look, all to provide you with results that make you 100% satisfied.

Bikini Line

When summer approaches, bikini lines that were safely ignored for the winter can become a source of impending anxiety for any woman who wants to go to the beach or hang out poolside. Whether you forgot to pack a razor on your tropical vacation or are wondering whether that three-week-old wax has grown back too much for you to wear your favorite swimsuit, unwanted pubic hair can be a woman’s worst nightmare.

Brazilian Bikini Procedure

Luckily, Premier Laser Spa of Cincinnati offers laser treatments that can get rid of that worry forever, in just 10-15 minutes! Using FDA-approved lasers, we target each offending follicle and remove as much or as little hair as you prefer. And while this type of procedure can be understandably uncomfortable, our experts make your comfort their biggest priority. For those looking for more extensive hair removal, we even offer a Full Brazilian Bikini Procedure. If you’re looking to permanently eliminate all or most pubic hair, we can absolutely make that happen.

All of these laser pubic hair removal procedures are available for men, too! You’ll never have to worry about stray hairs again.

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